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“My photographic images are personal interpretations that I love to share. For me, photography is the illusive craft of seeing and making images, vignettes or visual fragments. These images are fragments in time that interest me when I am there, at the moment. In another moment, the image is gone and so am I”

Ted Ledbetter
March 14,1937 - March 5, 2005

Ted was always an artist. His journey as an artist began at a very early age. He loved doing cartoons in pencil and ink, and later created realistic still life using charcoal and oils. After graduation from Carmel High School in 1955 he pursued a Fine Arts major receiving his training at San Francisco State University. It was in college that he had his first experience behind the camera. He had finally found the medium, which intrigued him on all levels — taking the picture and then bringing the negative to life on paper.

The 1960’s were momentous for Ted. He married his wife Emy, and his love for photography was furthered while working for a golf course designer, and really bloomed when his daughter and son were born. Ted read every photography book that he could get his hands on, and then continued his studies in workshops conducted by noted local fine art photographers, Steve Crouch, Morley Baer and Ansel Adams to guide him on his journey through the eye of the lens. Ted worked as a Technical Illustrator for many years and did his photography whenever he could. Raising a family came first, but his love of photography never diminished. He loved the outdoors and always succeeded in capturing an essence of nature, which he shared with family and friends.

This represents a glimpse into Ted’s life long love of photography through the Glass Eye.

View Ted’s Photographs