Ledbetter Art Studio

Emy LedbetterEmy Ledbetter's paintings are personal adventures in the spiritual world. As a self-taught artist, Emy has been painting for over 30 years and feels the very act of painting set her on a profound spiritual search. She has found that people who are attracted to and buy her work are also on this journey.

“As I paint I allow myself to go beyond the normal art expectations, and I begin to truly experiment. The technique I developed helped me open up to my inner teachings. There is an inner truth that is within all of us. The term ‘Spiritual’ means those experiences we have for which there are no words. I was able to tap into this through my work. I am a spiritual painter.“

Emy has developed a mixed-media process on canvas involving acrylics and a resist process that is repeated again and again, layer by layer. Ultimately figures that appear to float in a field of texture and color shimmer into being. It is this illusionary presence that gives her paintings their mysterious appeal.

Few of us are able to share our interior path, so rich in symbols and meanings, yet Emy offers a unique glimpse into a spiritual world of love, light and wisdom through her art.

Collected internationally, Emy Ledbetter is a gifted artist specializing in Angel, Goddess, Oriental and Native American paintings.